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Cardiac CT Angiography (CCTA Scan)

False Creek Healthcare Centre is the only private medical facility performing CCTA scans in BC.

Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA), also known as Coronary/Cardiac CT, and Virtual/CT Angiography/Angiogram, is a noninvasive, diagnostic test intended to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. The amount of coronary calcium in the arteries has been recognized as a powerful predictor of future cardiac events and can be used as a guide for lifestyle modifications and preventive medical therapies to reduce the risk of heart disease.

A CCTA is commonly used to determine whether symptoms of chest pain may be caused by a coronary blockage, particularly in individuals with a family history of cardiac events, diabetes, high blood pressure, smokers, or those with elevated cholesterol.

What to Expect

One of our expert technologists will escort you into the CT scanning room, containing a table and a large, circular device called a gantry. Your technologist will have you lie on the padded table and make sure that you’re comfortable.

You may feel the table move while images are being taken at certain locations of your body. You will be required to lie as still as possible and hold your breath for a short time during the scan in order to produce a clear image. Your technologist will monitor you during the entire exam and will be able to communicate with you through an intercom.

Specific details of your upcoming examination will be explained fully by one of our CT technologist or by your patient care coordinator.

How long will the test last?

While the actual scans take only seconds, the scanning process takes about 20-30 minutes to perform. The test requires the patient to arrive at the facility 1 hour prior to the exam. Image reconstruction and recovery can also take up to one hour before you are ready to leave.

After the CCTA

Our fellowship trained sub-specialty radiologists will carefully analyze your CT images and provide a report to your physician. Once they have received the report your physician will then discuss the results with you.

Your CT technologist will also provide you with a CD or USB containing the images from your scan when you leave.

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