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Diagnostic Services

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us to inquire about additional scans and procedures.


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Diagnostic Imaging Technology


Our G.E. 3.0T demonstrates disease that cannot be seen with a 1.5T MRI

Producing radiation free images that are the closest thing to blueprints of the human body, our state-of-the art 3 Tesla MRI machine is a high performance, clinically proven scanner. Signa HDx 3.0T helps to definitively diagnose the most complex cases and further supercharges HD performance with lightning speed, superb image quality and unique premium clinical applications. False Creek is also the only private facility in Canada to offer patients the option of having an MRI with sedation.

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GE 64 Slice CT Scanner (Low dose protocol)

The LightSpeed VCT offers the latest innovation in CT technology, VCT means “Volume CT“ and represents a new era in CT imaging. The innovative hallmark of this non-invasive imaging system is the new V-Res detector with an ability to deliver wide and volumetric anatomical coverage at a high resolution, simultaneously. This unprecedented coverage speed allows clinicians to capture whole organs in a second, the heart in just 5 beats or cover large sections of the body in under 10 seconds — much faster than most other CT scanners. Specifically, the LightSpeed VCT covers 4cm of patient anatomy per rotation, gathering 64 slices at 0.625mm (about the thickness of a credit card). Gantry rotation speed is < 375 milli-seconds…or approximately 2.5 to 3 rotations per second.

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Ultrasound, & Echo-Cardiograms

Ultrasound is one of the most widely used diagnostic procedures available. It provides a safe, non-invasive and virtually painless means of observing soft tissue anatomy on an outpatient basis. Our Siemens and Philips ultrasound systems generate an advanced level of image quality to help diagnose with confidence. It may provide all the information needed to recommend a course of action, eliminating the need for other types of more complicated exams or exploratory surgery.

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Dual Energy Digital X-Ray

X-Ray is used to provide weight bearing images of the entire body. Our GE dual-scan digital x-ray unit demonstrates outstanding sensitivity & resolution, reducing radiation doses and minimizing the need for re-takes.

More About X-Rays

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