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Radiology & Diagnostic Technician Team

Radiology Team – Vancouver Imaging

Our Radiology and Interventional Radiology is handled by a team of leading radiologists, renowned for their specializations and expertise. This means using radiologists specialized in the area of the body being scanned and analyzed for the highest degree of diagnostic confidence and best results.

  • Dr. William Yee (Radiology Director)
  • Dr. Ana-Maria Bilawich
  • Dr. Silvia Chang
  • Dr. Jason Chew
  • Dr. John Chung
  • Dr. Alison Harris
  • Dr. Darren Klass
  • Dr. David Liu
  • Dr. Louis Luck
  • Dr. Lindsay Machan
  • Dr. Tetyana Martin
  • Dr. John Mayo
  • Dr. Patrick McLaughlin
  • Dr. Peter Munk
  • Dr. Sawas Nicolaou
  • Dr. Emily Pang
  • Dr. Tony Sedlic
  • Dr. Jason Shewchuk
  • Dr. Talia Vertinsky
  • Dr. Chuck Zwirewich

About Vancouver Imaging

Vancouver Imaging is a premiere sub-specialty academic Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Group based in British Columbia. Its mission is to pursue excellence and innovation in the delivery of medical imaging programs and services to patients, clinicians and students. The largest radiology group in British Columbia, Vancouver Imaging is composed of more than 30 radiologists based out the University of British Columbia Hospital (UBC) and Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) who have had previous professorships or sub-specialty training at institutions such as Harvard Medical School, University of California San Francisco, Duke University and Stanford University. Vancouver Imaging is a leader in Radiology Communications and Quality Assurance, the Canadian leader in Emergency care and has an ER-Trauma fellowship training program. It provides sub-specialty care in Abdomen, Chest, Cardiac, Interventional, Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology. Each year, Vancouver Imaging accepts more than 20 fellowships from physicians around the world seeking sub-specialty training.

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Advanced Diagnostic Technician Team

  • MRI Specialist: Aronjit Lageri
  • CT Specialist: Regalado Narvaez
  • Ultrasound Specialist: Tracey Klass
  • Echo-cardiography & Stress Test Specialist: Andrew Hoffman
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